Math & puzzles....

Tweeters has started doing cool random math things lately - & I think it was really triggered by the (gasp!) Disney Princess Sticker Book Treasury.  On the way to town the other day she said, "Mom!  Did you know that 5+2=7?  Did you know 4+3 is also 7??  How about 4+4=8?".  She was doing this using a toy spider she found in the car, counting it's legs :0)  It was really then later I set out the old Math U See blocks - so glad we kept those.  She could then see what was equal by putting the blocks side by side.  I'm debating whether or not to start her in kindy or 1st grade math??

It has also been awhile since the puzzles were out - and they wanted all of them!
Ok, so we didn't get to the big floor puzzles or geopuzzles, but they worked on these for a really long time & it was so sweet to see them working together :0)


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