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Summer Fun

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Chalk is my new favorite!

Mac has been into McDuff lately, so we made vanilla rice pudding with sausages on top
Ben is super fashionable

May Day

Just a tiny update...

Update! February 2017

Hanging out in Florida for a bit!

Quick September update

Ok, not really!  These are old! But I don't have time to do a proper update & I'm feeling sentimental.....

Of course, we relished the 3 days per week that Papa J was home - and every beach day!

August update

Back to school?

Yesterday a reporter from a local TV station called to ask if I would do an interview about homeschooling for their series on Back to School.  I had been up most of the night before with a sick Ben, so I initially told her no & gave her someone else's phone number!  But then Josie asked who had called & got excited about being on TV & talking about home education - so we called her back & she came over - whee! We didn't do a lot of staging or even cleaning up because I wanted it to be real. The more minimalist I get though, the easier it is to keep things tidy ;0)

The reporter did a good job keeping the heart of what I wanted to say, despite editing 45 minutes of conversation for a 3 minute segment.  She wanted to know if homeschool students were more successful than public or private schooled children, & I told her it depended on what your definition of success is - is it bragging rights with your friends or grandparents? Is is an eventual PhD w/ tons of $…