Fresh peaches, wax, & sweet meat squash

Nothing better than really really fresh food!
Oh, yum!  40 lbs of peaches for $15 - can't beat it!  Does anyone have any extra freezer space??  I don't can stuff, for a variety of reasons.  One, it is hot.  Two, I'm afraid I'll blow something up.  Three, I don't really like the taste of canned food...if it is frozen it is usually raw or just blanched (ie green beans).  These peaches will go into smoothies this winter!
Ben loves to play w/ wax...I have been too cheap to buy the Stockmar pack so this is just from of those babybel cheeses I got at Aldis....sorry JG my cheese man....

Sweet meat squash from our garden - seeds were from Summer Lake, Oregon.  Thank you, Williams family!  I found this great blog for squash preparation - which turned out to be the kitchen of an awesome preschool!  Here's the links: