A night walk to the beach....

Summer is winding down.  It's getting dark SO early now - I think I'll move to Belize.  Really.
JG went along, carrying Honey Bunches!

JG is moving to N. Dakota this week and we will miss him!

JG is going to miss Little Z!

Kiss kiss for the Bruce

A little bit o' picnic table gymnastics...
They love the simplest things.  When we come down here to swim I always bring the bag of tows - buckets, shovels, cars, boats.  What do they play with?  Sand, water, sticks, leaves, algae.  Ok, and Jam does play w/ a car, but really they love the natural stuff best & play with it longer than anything I could buy at the store.  Well, except a matchbox car.

Tweeters just loves to fly!

Show off!
What are you doing to wrap up your summer?  Are you soaking up every last bit of it or are you ready for fall?  Please leave a comment & let me know what you are doing this week!