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A big snow!

Quiet moments....


Math & Music

Book Review: Simplicity Parenting

I borrowed this from interlibrary loan, but it's easily worth whatever it would cost to buy new!  A slow bathroom read I could have breezed through it faster if I read it during blogging hours ha ha ;0)

The subtitle is "Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, & More Secure Kids"....I can't remember now how I came upon this title, but I'm sure it was right up there with Heaven on Earth (review still to come) & You Are Your Child's First Teacher.  There is also a supportive website w/ a "starter kit" to get you reading right away:

Blankie peg people; fun & games

Spontaneous art....

Most of our art lately has been unplanned - been trying to clean out again & have an entire shelf devoted to art supplies - nearly finished.

First violin concert!

Seems a bit early, but the group playing experience was really great!  Tweeters just graduated that day from shadow bowing, and did a great job playing 3 variations of 'Twinkle' on the E string :0)

Last week of prek til 2014!

Former student makes front page!

I had Kortney years ago in prek - she'll graduate this year from high school!  Fun to see what all 'my students' are doing as they grow up :0)

Rock Bridge High School students give gifts to elementary kids in needNick Schnelle/Tribune See link for full article:

Countryside Playschool week 2 of short session 3!

Flash got to help today!  He's been wanting to come check it out, and it's always great to have extra hands :0)  LG was planning to be back but has been feeling a bit under the weather....better now though I think!