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Another garden walk & some outside fun

Time for fall planting, some harvesting, and firewood!

Little handmade wooly mittens

Tweeters loves to sew!  And I found the perfect wool sweater to felt & tear apart for her to work on :0)  It was patchwork with plenty of colors, so she helped me take the seams apart & proceeded to sew up her own mittens!  We also started on these at playschool this week as an on-going project in preparation for winter....

Melting crayon art & peanuts

HB did this project w/ the family she nanny's for - now it's Tweeter's turn!

Free Swap & truffles!

Our homeschool group's free swap is wildly popular and we always are happy to clear out unneeded items & come home w/ a few new things - for FREE!  We had it outside at a park this year, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  The chilldren got to play on the playground (Tweeters learned to do the monkey bars!) & the grown ups dug for treasures :0)

Flash has been making truffles with a chef for about a year & half now - and now he is treating us to these homemade yummies!

Countryside Week 4, mud kitchen, quiche & Auntie Linda's scones!

This week we started putting together our mud kitchen & made lunch at preschool....I had a freak accident & fell down really hard so a great friend came to help.  So!  No pictures of the mud kitchen - but we did manage to get a few of our morning :0)

Ohio visitors - archery, henna & a feast!