Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another garden walk & some outside fun

Time for fall planting, some harvesting, and firewood!

Flash & Jam playing in the pallet treehouse
some outdoor window art

Finally got the blackberry bushes trimmed up - wow was there a lot of dead stuff in there!  Now you can actually walk around to pick berries!
Sweet potatoes are so sweet :0)  We've now had a hard frost so the leaves have died, but I usually wait til they are crispy before we harvest...this is always Tweeters special project from start to finish.

 A few random reseeded fall lettuces

We've had lots of visiting birds to the dying sunflowers!  Out of the 20 or so towering over the garden this summer, most are already stripped of their seeds.  That lovely little apple tree in the center of the picture is getting bigger!
Some lovely hickory nuts for the mud kitchen & nature table

Flash learned how to use the chainsaw!  My big man!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little handmade wooly mittens

Tweeters loves to sew!  And I found the perfect wool sweater to felt & tear apart for her to work on :0)  It was patchwork with plenty of colors, so she helped me take the seams apart & proceeded to sew up her own mittens!  We also started on these at playschool this week as an on-going project in preparation for winter....
This one is from a sleeve, so she only had to sew up one side

All the lovely bits!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Melting crayon art & peanuts

HB did this project w/ the family she nanny's for - now it's Tweeter's turn!
Select your crayons

break them off & hot glue them to the top of a small canvas...

melt with a blowdryer!

Very cool art!  You can also prop your canvas against a glass on a cookie sheet covered w/ foil in your oven - either way it is a fun & easy project :0)

This is just a random fun thing Tweeters & Jam love to do: crack peanuts & eat them, sorting the shells & nuts as they go!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Free Swap & truffles!

Our homeschool group's free swap is wildly popular and we always are happy to clear out unneeded items & come home w/ a few new things - for FREE!  We had it outside at a park this year, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  The chilldren got to play on the playground (Tweeters learned to do the monkey bars!) & the grown ups dug for treasures :0)
Climbing trees before we set everything up

A large, happy crowd - toys, furniture, housewares, books, curriculum, and tons of clothing

Yep, I think the tongue helps!

Flash has been making truffles with a chef for about a year & half now - and now he is treating us to these homemade yummies!
Measuring out the chocolate

making cinnamon gannoche (sp?)

Gma J testing them - they didn't last long!

Countryside Week 4, mud kitchen, quiche & Auntie Linda's scones!

cracking eggs to make quiche

This week we started putting together our mud kitchen & made lunch at preschool....I had a freak accident & fell down really hard so a great friend came to help.  So!  No pictures of the mud kitchen - but we did manage to get a few of our morning :0)
We read "Pelle's New Suit" & learned how to weave on small looms

carding wool

mixing up some scones

building with wood blocks


I love our real linen tablecloth, real dishes, and sitting all together :0)

Ohio visitors - archery, henna & a feast!

HB was glad to have her bow out again
SS (oldest boy Ohio friend), Flash & cousin MJ doing some archery

Papa S bought a ton of yummy gourmet cheese - Tweeters all too happy to help him slice it up & taste it!

Mama S snuggled with MS (youngest Ohio girl) - she had lots of late late nights - they visited our Kentucky friends before us & she was worn out from playing with their 6 girls!

Even SS had a little siesta ;0)

Everyone loves Rumplestiltskin & Bob

AS & Bob were fast friends

Trying not to look too posed....

The whole bunch together!  Can't wait to see them all again - and we hope to meet their oldest daughter soon, too!  Great family & great friends :0)

HB pulled out her bow - SS (oldest boy of Ohio friends) brought his as well

AS (youngest Ohio friend) loved the cats AND the light sabers!

Oh yeah - they filled up ballons w/ paint & were shooting arrows at them to make art on a big sheet of canvas!

Flash honed his knife throwing skills

filling the ballons with paint

MS (youngest girl friend from Ohio) got a feather for her henna

SS & cousin MJ getting goofy while waiting for their henna

all done - so cool!

SS & Jam boxing

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