This week's henna tattoos

HB did this one at the beach - my good old friend came to visit w/ her 5 children.  It was such a blessing to catch up & keep in touch!  Henna of course looks like wet black mud going on, then you wash it off when it gets dry & crusty.  The actual stain is more of a medium brown. 

This one ended up being a full sleeve!  I didn't get a pic of the full thing but may post it when I get one from HB.  She did this at a concert in the park for the wife of one of the band members.  See the tube?  It squirts out kinda like icing.  Oh, and HB does all these freehand!!

This is good old friend's oldest daughter - she'll be going back to school w/ a tattoo!!  Great way to start your first day, right?!  :0)  Love you S family!


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