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Woodworking with preschoolers

Grandma & Grandpa L came to visit recently & brought a really cool woodworking set!  It was from Lowe's I believe, a Tonka product with precut pieces & holes....Tweeters & Jam loved it :0)

It's an ambulance - on the other side of the horse trailer - it came w/ the stickers.  I'll be looking for more of these kits!

Cranberry Thanksgiving

We read this & made Cranberry Bread last week - yummy!  We've read it several years in a row now but this is the first time we've made the bread....

Made him in wool, I did!

FINALLY!  I finished the wool felted Yoda ;0)  His ears are a bit big but I think it makes him cute....

Rainbow blocks & thrift store find

Even though the sun is low in the sky, we love bringing in as much color and light as we can this time of year.  The rainbow blocks we bought this spring are still used almost everyday!  Here they are bringing in a bit more color to the play area.....

And here is a neat barn shelf we found at a thrift store - it's been fun for animals, dinosaurs, and even cars ;0)  oh, and that cool truck was found on vacation at a Goodwill in Florida for $3.99!  Wheee!

So what are some of your good finds?  Let me know what great things you have found lately!

Week 8 at Countryside Playschool

This week we had our lantern walk at prek - in the sunshine!  It was great to finally have a sunny Tuesday, but our lanterns sure didn't glow very brightly ;0)  Hopefully some of the children were able to use theirs at home for a night walk sometime this week...we also made waffles!  We read Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle, and then made our own yummy waffles in my great-grandmother's awesome waffle iron....

A fall woodsy walk

We can really only walk in our woods from late October to late early May because of it's thick growth & poison ivy - but really we're at the beach when we're not in the woods so it's ok ;0)  As soon as most of the undergrowth died we went straight out the back, down to the creek bottom.  Never disappointing!

More Suzuki violin...this time with Jam! And a brief book review...

He is such an enthusiastic violinist!  I hadn't intended to start him yet but he is so eager & it helps Josie to learn by teaching him :0)

More baby yoga & a papa bear snuggle