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What is our background?

Our older two children were educated at home in a pretty classical style: lots of grammar, history, logic, latin.  We threw in a lot of nature study, journaling & 'telling back' Charlotte Mason-style, and experimented with various math & science curriculum.  History was the core of what we did for literature, writing, art, bible study, etc, and the books they made as they first narrated to me & later wrote & drew their thoughts are a treasure - much like the main lesson books used in Waldorf (I think?  I'm still learning what it all looks like)!  I love that we were doing some Waldorfy things even without ever having known of it - something so natural must be right ;0)

Fast forward a bit - we moved to the boonies when they were 10 & 12 - perfect!  We all love it & they were able to soak up even more time outside.  A couple more years & BAM!  Here comes baby #3 (musta been all that fresh air)!  Stopped us dead in our classical education tracks.  …

In the beginning....

was the environment....yeah, we had a lot to clear out.  We were actually going down this road awhile before I had a name to put with it but now it's like simplification of everything times 10!  Clothes, toys, food, kitchen items - you name it (thank you, Mr. Becoming Minimalist).  So, the free swaps w/ our homeschooling group have been a blessing, as well as a handy thrift store where I can drop off plastic junk at the back door & pick up nice wooden baskets & containers for pennies from the front door.  It's still a work in progress, but we've come a long way to making our home a calm, relaxing place to live, learn, and entertain.

I guess I should also add in an explanation for my subtitle....I'm still reading up on anthroposophy so I'm definitely not an expert....but I don't agree with a lot of Steiner's views on the world, religion, or child development.  I may write an essay someday outlining my views & how they differ, but for now we'l…