Care Packages for moms

 As minister of record for His Holy church, Papa J receives various offerings to redistribute to those in need.  One family makes amazing goat's milk soap, and sent 10 bars of it to him recently to give away.  There is a women's shelter in a nearby town that we have made offerings to in the past, so we called and asked them if they could use some gift baskets.  Sure!  they said!  So we used some of the offering money and some of our own to purchase baskets & tea cups at Salvation Army, added in some organic tea, shampoo, razors, lip balm, new hand towels, gourmet chocolate, and handmade cards.  Everyone in the family had a hand in helping: HB collected spearmint flowers for small bouquets, Flash has been drying flowers so he used some of those to make handmade cards w/ a message from Isaiah 41:10 inside, Tweeters put everything in the baskets, and Jam...well, he didn't really do anything!  We dropped them off last Thursday to the shelter & they did a give-away for the moms at a back to school event for their children.  We pray it will be a blessing and we are looking forward to putting more together in the future!

The baskets almost done, ready for cards

Cards drying & waiting for inside sticker w/ bible verse & contact info for HHC

Tweeters loved helping at every step of the process!

Sweet little bouquets

How about your church?  What kinds of things does your group do to reach out to others?  I'd love to read your ideas :0)  If you would like more info about HHC, here's a link: this is the main page

Flash is planning to go to Oregon for the Burning Bush Festival (listed on the wiki page above) at the end of the month!  Hope he takes lots of pictures...he is traveling with another family - a family who has SIX girls and one baby boy!  I think the dad needs some male companionship ;0)


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