Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wild & Free in Tennesee

So so happy to have taken the plunge!  This gathering of nearly 900 homeschool mamas gathered in Franklin, Tennessee for the weekend & it was amazing.  Not your mamas homeschool conference!!
I've got my ticket for the next one in Texas - February & hoping to bring along a few local mamas from our Wild & Free Nature group :0)

New Fav. band - The Hunts (see screenshot below of their first album)

There's me!

Friday, October 19, 2018


Making smoothies

Cozy reading together

Our gorgeous mermaid daughter & her hubby

Hannibal Punk Fest - this guy was so friendly :0)

Abbie hanging in Chicago for the weekend - just like old times!

Bringing art into as many subjects as we can

First day of prek - picked out his own outfit!

....and the beach goes on....

Online Geometry course for Josie with Ben & Mac & I tagging along ;0)  Thank you #Waldorfish for great classes!

Camping in our yard

Storytime by firelight

Dipping candles at the Heritage Festival in Columbia, Mo.

Stilt walking with Papa J

Visiting with Gma & Gpa L

Big sis teaching little bro how to make rainbows!  

Writing his name in cornmeal

Josie's peg family

Malachi's new bedroom! Hooray!!

Our amazing eldest son & his gorgeous wife!  

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Apple picking at Dan' that place
Honey Bunches backpacking in Montana - lovin those trees

Hanchett's, Gregorys & Jarvis people hangin at the park

Flash & wifey picking apples with us!

So awesome - Papa J & I got away to St. Louis for a Def Leppard/Journey concert!!

Lots of beach days this year - over 50 so far (I'm writing this 2 days before the first day of fall!)

Drawing our bikes at the park - Mac is getting pretty good!

Ben has his big sister's eye for detail

Playing with colors & some summer harvest

Volleyball practice started

Trip to the Zoo with Zach, Julia & littles!  Haven't been since Zach came back from his roadtrip to Oregon....I think Ben was 2 or 3 then....

My awesome boys


Nature crafting - Leaves added by Malachi, fairies by Josie

A bit of prek work

Beach beach beach - we are definitely beach people

Working on my own painting...inspired by the overgrown garden!

Before the haircut - he was getting shaggy like his bro

Big sis swinging through for a visit

Snuggled with his favorite lovey...made by the Blue Haired One herself ;0)

Zach & Julia's 2nd anniversary :0)

Abbie checking out the Badlands

More watercolor for me....copying some Japanese art from Josie's Good & the Beautiful Language Arts book

Tire park in Columbia

Churchill Museum in Fulton, Mo - went right along with our history studies that week too!

Melt my does he keep getting CUTER?????!!!!! First barber haircut at Campus Barber Shop w/ Travis

More tire park - Leapin' Lizards!

In front of 4 sections of the Berlin Wall in Fulton, Mo.

Josie says it's like walking through history.....

First swim in Hulen Lake by our old house in 12 years - hasn't changed a bit!

Sorry for the silence here - but we've moved!

A lot has happened in the past 6 are a few highlights! I became a puppy grandma - meet Finn!  Abbie & James are very...