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Geometry for Flash & crafting a woolen whale

Ok, so it's just a shot of my big guy doing geometry, not the actual work ;0)  But my posts are weighed heavily with little people & I want to include everyone....while he worked on that I made a whale!
That's Math U See...found it at a yard sale for 85 cents w/ the videos & unused workbook.  Some day he'll finish this & I can pass it along to someone!

This is an old sweater of mine that I don't wear anymore (obviously!).  I washed it in HOT water to felt it & cut off the sleeve.  I didn't even have to sew the top & bottom because that was where the seam was already....the reason it looks like it has a nose?  So I can stuff it in to make a mouth!  I actually just free-handed the sewing w/ HB's machine & then cut it out - a little backwards but it made it SO easy!

Emroidered some eyes & now he is eating Jonah!  I think he ate Thomas the Tank Engine this afternoon...but hey, someday we'll get our bible stories straight. 


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