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A wool felted sheep

Flash is leaving in the morning for Oregon!  I miss him already.  He's going for the Burning Bush Festival at Summer Lake w/ some family friends (yes, they have 6 daughters & a baby boy!) for 2 weeks.  The family who is hosting it keeps sheep, so I thought I'd make one out of wool as a little thank you for hosting!

Woodworking with Grandpa J. & Flash

Back in March "Mr. Michael" gave Flash a very nice (sharp) birthday present.  It is the same as his favorite knife to work with when he's helping prepare a catered event or pop up dinner - but it didn't have a case to keep it safe.  So, he & Grandpa J. sliced up a nice cedar log from the neighbor & made one!

The other garden, a bit of henna, and chinese writing

We have another garden a few miles away at a friend's house.  She's getting up there in age and doesn't feel like maintaining a big garden anymore - but the soil is so rich it would be a waste for it not to be used!  We have our green beans, sweet meat squash, onions, many tomatoes, peppers & zucchini there.  When we're picking we get to see the most spectacular sunsets!  She is in the middle of farmland, so she can see more sky than we can...

Another Park Day

We have so much fun at the park :0)  If I walk out my front door & stand in the street in front of my house, I can see it, so it's really close.  It has a simple fort/swing set which is fun, but we have the most fun doing other things....

A night walk to the beach....

Summer is winding down.  It's getting dark SO early now - I think I'll move to Belize.  Really.

A little bit o' picnic table gymnastics...

What are you doing to wrap up your summer?  Are you soaking up every last bit of it or are you ready for fall?  Please leave a comment & let me know what you are doing this week!

Sunflowers, the moon & sunset

We went crazy planting sunflower seeds this spring - and so glad we did!  They are just in the pathways & edges of the garden, but so pretty.  It's been fun for Tweeters & Jam to have been able to plant the seeds, watch them grow, and now see the bees coming to visit.  We'll also harvest the seeds to feed the birds this winter, and leave some on the plants so we can watch the birds out there.

A blue moon.....hard to capture w/ my camera....

Math & puzzles....

Tweeters has started doing cool random math things lately - & I think it was really triggered by the (gasp!) Disney Princess Sticker Book Treasury.  On the way to town the other day she said, "Mom!  Did you know that 5+2=7?  Did you know 4+3 is also 7??  How about 4+4=8?".  She was doing this using a toy spider she found in the car, counting it's legs :0)  It was really then later I set out the old Math U See blocks - so glad we kept those.  She could then see what was equal by putting the blocks side by side.  I'm debating whether or not to start her in kindy or 1st grade math??

It has also been awhile since the puzzles were out - and they wanted all of them!

Handmade tree blocks!

If you look online for these, you can very easily get overwhelmed with how complicated some people make it!  Papa J just cut up a neighbor's old dead tree & made these for me :0)  We've been hand sanding here & there as we feel like it & they're now all nice & for either a coat of tung oil or honey & olive oil to seal them a bit.

Try it!  And let me know how they turn out :0)

Book recommendation

I picked this up at a yard sale years ago because I recognized it from a Sonlight reading list.  We've never done Sonlight, but we have read many many of the books they use!  Tweeters is just a perfect age for this :0)  Look for more book recommendations soon, including some for grown ups....

We are nearly finished with The Dragons of Blueland, the last book in the series!  I just found some lapbook stuff for these though, so maybe we'll do that & some coloring pages.  I found the second book at a thrift store for .25 and got the third one free through paperbackswap 
Oh, on a final note, we also love the cartoon series Jane & the Dragon & have 2 of the DVDs.  I don't know if it's still on TV since we don't have any channels (just do videos) but it's also really good for a very wide audience.

Highly recommended!

Random learning activities this past week...most repurposed materials or from yard sales!

These don't really have a category, but I wanted to share them anyway.  I haven't been to many yard sales this summer but I hope to start up again this week....I have a pretty long list of needs for the little mother's day out we're opening next month!

Gotta have some good music in our education....

It's just too bad these guys are having their last concert tonite!  Only HB & Flash are going, but we were able to attend their second to last concert last week :0)  It was free, sponsored by a large nearby church - they even had bounce houses & activities for the littles!

See to listen to or buy great music - I think they are also on facebook if you are into that.....enjoy!

This week's henna tattoos


Color wheels! And now for a bit of Montessori

Ok, so this is learning to waldorf...but as I've said before I am not a purist!  You might even catch me doing some Classical Conversations memory work at some point ;0)  I haven't pulled out the color grading work in awhile, so recently I just randomly took these out and started working on it myself (they were a bit jumbled anyway so a good exercise!).  Tweeters jumped right in to help, yeah!  I pulled out the primary & secondary colors & we talked about those a bit, then extended it to include painting.

 Joyous Day!  I forgot we had these REALLY old Discovery Toys wooden blocks & cards!  We have the newer set that I got when Honey Bunches & Flash were little w/ the foam shapes, but the cards in this one are more of a challenge.  It had a color wheel in it, so these came out later in the day & really reinforced what we were doing w/ the paint.  And, Jam was super into these for like an hour AND a few days afterwards!

Care Packages for moms

As minister of record for His Holy church, Papa J receives various offerings to redistribute to those in need.  One family makes amazing goat's milk soap, and sent 10 bars of it to him recently to give away.  There is a women's shelter in a nearby town that we have made offerings to in the past, so we called and asked them if they could use some gift baskets.  Sure!  they said!  So we used some of the offering money and some of our own to purchase baskets & tea cups at Salvation Army, added in some organic tea, shampoo, razors, lip balm, new hand towels, gourmet chocolate, and handmade cards.  Everyone in the family had a hand in helping: HB collected spearmint flowers for small bouquets, Flash has been drying flowers so he used some of those to make handmade cards w/ a message from Isaiah 41:10 inside, Tweeters put everything in the baskets, and Jam...well, he didn't really do anything!  We dropped them off last Thursday to the shelter & they did a give-away for…