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Introductions, a bit delayed




A short essay

As an educator at home now for 12 years, & former public & private school teacher, I am always interested in various approaches & philosophies. Some are classical, as we educated our older two children through jr. high, with sprinkles of Charlotte Mason; others are somewhat "non-traditional" (traditional meaning sit in a desk, read a chapter, take a test) like Montessori & Waldorf. I've been reading about these last two since our youngest was born (Jam, almost 3), wondering if we would educate the younger two the same as our older ones.
I do not like the undercurrant of anthroposophy OR mysticism that winds it's way through purely Waldorf schools, yet there is so much that seems so natural! From birth to age 7 they stress all natural foods, natural toys (a few excellent ones as opposed to tons of the plastic kind), little to no computer/video/TV time, high quality art materials, and time at home in a routine or rhythm as opposed to run…