The other garden, a bit of henna, and chinese writing

We have another garden a few miles away at a friend's house.  She's getting up there in age and doesn't feel like maintaining a big garden anymore - but the soil is so rich it would be a waste for it not to be used!  We have our green beans, sweet meat squash, onions, many tomatoes, peppers & zucchini there.  When we're picking we get to see the most spectacular sunsets!  She is in the middle of farmland, so she can see more sky than we can...

Those romas are hard to see in the thick growth!
Jams usually gets smeared before it dries....

Last week Tweeters had a "quiet time" instead of a full blown nap - we gathered some things for her to work on & play with for an hour or so.  One was an OLD book called You can Write Chinese (she's been into the 7 Chinese Brothers lately).  She went through the whole thing & wrote her favorite words on the small dry erase board!  The book is falling apart though so I plan to put it into protective sleeves...that way she can trace right over the characters w/ a dry erase marker, too.


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