Dyeing wool with kool aide & a new woolen dolly

dissolve kool aide in some water (doesn't matter how much - it's the kool aide to wool ratio).  We used 2 packs of kool aide b/c we wanted bright red!  Heat to just boiling & let cool to room temp.  Rinse in tepid water & dry!  The water will be clear, very cool.

adding the bodice & skirt

almost done!

braiding the hair & adding a ribbon

out of order, but here is our colored wool drying....

ugh, still out of order, blogging takes time to understand....anyway, Tweeters decided this one won't be a 'blankie' - she wanted to do eyes all by herself!  She did a great job :0)  I know what they say about needle felting at this age, but I'm not a purist, remember?  I don't think she's permanently damaged....

adding a bonnet

good work!

happy couple - love the pipe cleaner arms - make it so much easier to pose

flying away!

Here is the link for the doll tutorial (I added pipe cleaner legs): http://bowlofstones.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/doll-tutorial.html


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