Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of November & most of December 2014.....

Honey Bunches got out the art books for Tweeters!  Just what she needed :0)

Science experiments!  Homemade lava lamp...

Happy boy!  His very own Tonka truck!  At 40% off we couldn't resist...

Poor man's Hanukkah Menorah - plastic cups w/ beans from the sensory table & birthday candles!

Homemade jelly donuts - very delish. 

Finished my braided rag rug!  It gets used every day & we love it - oh yeah & that's my huge o pregnant belly! Due any day, just waiting....

Tweeters making chocolate dipped pretzels with Daddy Pops

Jam's turn

HB & the littles having a snuggle

Sunshine cake for the winter solstice - days getting longer now hooray!!!

Winter table

Flash & Jam having a lego night

Flash's turn to snuggle littles

Papa J's bday is the 24th....

...& this is what we got for him!  The how to play manual is like 30 pages long.....

Flash made an awesome dinner for us one night - marinated steak wraps!!  Love the garnish & home grown sprouts, too.  Notice the homemade plate?  Honey Bunches made that for me when she was 4 :0)

Crazy JG came for a visit....had a super hard time getting here & back home & was sick most of the time...but I hope he had a good time hanging out w/ us anyway!  Always great to see one of my 'lost boys'!

What HB has been doing for 2 weeks....the sickness just kept getting passed around...

Lovin' this awesome man!

Train play & coloring

Yippee!  Finally sunshine & warmer weather!!

Making bark boats to float in the mud puddles

4-wheeling with Papa J

How Flash prefers to read

These boys :0)

And, a snuggle with Grandma L

Making our own candles from old beeswax

Overlooking the creek from the hill behind the house - gorgeous

They even brought their lunch!

The homemade gingerbread candle!

Flash showing Charlie & the littles his huge o Marvel comics book/poster that JG gave him!
So now we are just waiting on Baby J #5....he was due 5 days ago....but they come when they come I guess!  Happy New Year everyone!!!

Sorry for the silence here - but we've moved!

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