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The Good & the Beautiful

Here's a free booklist from a company that is quickly winning me over! They offer their beautiful elementary language arts curriculums FREE as a download, or you can order it in print very reasonably. I've downloaded their 1st-4th grades & all of them are lovely- I'm planning to order their 4th grade in print bc the artwork & geography book is so amazing! 

Their typing program is also just what our 9 year old has been asking for, so it's also on my wish list- but I think the most awesome thing they offer right now is their history program. For 15 years I've raved about Story of the World & how easy it was to combine all ages for history, literature & geography...but this may change my tune!  Check out the website for details & watch @saltytribeco on YouTube or instagram for super detailed descriptions. 

I'm hoping to place a decent sized order asap!