Sunday, August 24, 2014

July is coming!

Just slightly out of order ha ha ;0)

August Update 2014

Honey Bunches is back!!

Sunflower house

Part of a morning's pickin's - the tomato on the far left was attacked by Jam - ate it like an apple!

Cucumber tunnel

Sweet potato & pole bean tower

Weird but delicious tomato duck

Wheat grass at Hyvee: $19.99 per oz.....homegrown, dried, & crushed for use in smoothies: priceless (ok about a quarter....)

Tweeters drawing outside at Gma & Gpa L's

Why are my children so weird??  Get it honest I guess??!

Flash at the water park - Gma & Gpa L treated us to a great summer get-away!!  SO fun!!

HB, Jam & Gpa chillin' in the hot tub

Papa J & Jam trying to squirt the girls

Sneakin' a snuggle on our deck ;0)

The lovely Gma L looking awesome in pink!

Late night ice cream!

Tweeters & Jam loved the outdoor water slide, too!

Picasso tiles are still a daily hit here

HB lovin' on Papa J (yes! he did give her a piggy back ride!)

One of my boys - ZK - playing pony for the littles

Finally, a haircut!  Thank you Cory!!

HB perfects another talent...

Countryside Playschool play day with lots of new friends

Jam's birthday betta fell in love with a visitor from the lake...

Jam is becoming quite the artist, inspired by what else?  Trains.

Monday, August 11, 2014

June update

Where we spend our days

The other place we spend our days!  Yum!

Snuggling w/ Papa J

Tweeters got a rabbit for her birthday!  He looks so much like our old bunny, Softie :0)

We hatched out butterflies

More bunny w/ Jam & 2 neighbor friends

My little knight (see the sword) doing dishes!

Mud kitchen play at our June play day at Countryside Playschool

Our violin teacher is awesome - the straws remind Tweeters to stay on the highway!

Playdough fun

Honey Bunches is gone again - this time to Michigan to do some midwife training - can't wait to have her back home!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

May update 2014

HB & Flash played at this same tree when they were younger!  It's a bit more like dirt these days....

We found quite a few morels this year - not telling where!

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Tweeter's birthday bunny - got him at the Humane Society - he was a stray!!!  So much like Softie....

Lots of mud play at Countryside Playschool....there's Tweeters in the top left corner, blue skirt

A head in the sand!!

Another head in the sand!  Who keeps leaving these things lying around??!

Papa J showing the boys how it's done

His Holy Church spring gathering - some of the youth

Flash tries his hand w/ the axe as the tweens look on ;0)

One of my boys w/ his artwork - we'll call him "Charlie"

Tweeter's violin class

Almost warm enough to swim!


Bruce & Hank hitch a ride from their girlfriend's house

Park by the river, such a perfect spring day!

The view in my rearview mirrow...

Watching the train - SO close

Our Z friends :0)

Making a skeleton from old beads & wire

"Charlie" sharing some of his souveniers from D.C.

Wild & Free in Tennesee

So so happy to have taken the plunge!  This gathering of nearly 900 homeschool mamas gathered in Franklin, Tennessee for the weekend & ...