Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of November & most of December 2014.....

Honey Bunches got out the art books for Tweeters!  Just what she needed :0)

Science experiments!  Homemade lava lamp...

Happy boy!  His very own Tonka truck!  At 40% off we couldn't resist...

Poor man's Hanukkah Menorah - plastic cups w/ beans from the sensory table & birthday candles!

Homemade jelly donuts - very delish. 

Finished my braided rag rug!  It gets used every day & we love it - oh yeah & that's my huge o pregnant belly! Due any day, just waiting....

Tweeters making chocolate dipped pretzels with Daddy Pops

Jam's turn

HB & the littles having a snuggle

Sunshine cake for the winter solstice - days getting longer now hooray!!!

Winter table

Flash & Jam having a lego night

Flash's turn to snuggle littles

Papa J's bday is the 24th....

...& this is what we got for him!  The how to play manual is like 30 pages long.....

Flash made an awesome dinner for us one night - marinated steak wraps!!  Love the garnish & home grown sprouts, too.  Notice the homemade plate?  Honey Bunches made that for me when she was 4 :0)

Crazy JG came for a visit....had a super hard time getting here & back home & was sick most of the time...but I hope he had a good time hanging out w/ us anyway!  Always great to see one of my 'lost boys'!

What HB has been doing for 2 weeks....the sickness just kept getting passed around...

Lovin' this awesome man!

Train play & coloring

Yippee!  Finally sunshine & warmer weather!!

Making bark boats to float in the mud puddles

4-wheeling with Papa J

How Flash prefers to read

These boys :0)

And, a snuggle with Grandma L

Making our own candles from old beeswax

Overlooking the creek from the hill behind the house - gorgeous

They even brought their lunch!

The homemade gingerbread candle!

Flash showing Charlie & the littles his huge o Marvel comics book/poster that JG gave him!
So now we are just waiting on Baby J #5....he was due 5 days ago....but they come when they come I guess!  Happy New Year everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 2014 so far!

Ben at one of our Countryside playdays

Got string swings to hang our violins finally

Baby belly henna by Honey Bunches :0)

So much hard work going on!  Jam washed a sink of dishes & Tweeters was chopping something for dinner!

Girls day out!!

Yes, my big grown up children still make living room tents....

and we play cards inside!!

I think Flash won!

Some cool remnants of play - jenga blocks used as parking places for lots of matchbox cars...

Martinmas lantern walk - a day early b/c it was so nice & warm & the next day we were supposed to have really bad weather!

Honey Bunches helping I & E make their Martinmas lanterns :0)

Some of my lost boys, love 'em

Wow!  New golf cart to zoom around the lake!  Soooo  cool!!!  Thank you Gma & Gpa L & Uncle V!!

Happy Bday Gma L!

Tweeter's first suzuki violin concert, so beautiful

Front row, center :0)

First day of history studies!  Jubal & Tubal Cain

Some chalkboard art

Flash painting w/ his mouth!

Mama & Papa J getting in on the art lesson!

Honey Bunches taught us about some handicap artists who use their mouths or even toes to paint!  We all had a go - and it is NOT easy!

Some math u see meets montessori math

Tweeters had a great time at GD's sister's wedding!

And so did Flash - what a fun smile :0)

My girls dancin'

Jam snugglin' with Gpa L

We got to see cousin Em & new baby A!

Fun night out w/ Gma L on her bday :0)

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