Color wheels! And now for a bit of Montessori

Ok, so this is learning to waldorf...but as I've said before I am not a purist!  You might even catch me doing some Classical Conversations memory work at some point ;0)  I haven't pulled out the color grading work in awhile, so recently I just randomly took these out and started working on it myself (they were a bit jumbled anyway so a good exercise!).  Tweeters jumped right in to help, yeah!  I pulled out the primary & secondary colors & we talked about those a bit, then extended it to include painting.

These are just free paint samples - you can see that Tweeters helped to cut them apart about a year ago....

Color mixing to make secondary colors - Jam got to green (the first one) & then just added more & more to it to make...brown!  He'll get it someday ;0)

 Joyous Day!  I forgot we had these REALLY old Discovery Toys wooden blocks & cards!  We have the newer set that I got when Honey Bunches & Flash were little w/ the foam shapes, but the cards in this one are more of a challenge.  It had a color wheel in it, so these came out later in the day & really reinforced what we were doing w/ the paint.  And, Jam was super into these for like an hour AND a few days afterwards!