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Book recommendation

I picked this up at a yard sale years ago because I recognized it from a Sonlight reading list.  We've never done Sonlight, but we have read many many of the books they use!  Tweeters is just a perfect age for this :0)  Look for more book recommendations soon, including some for grown ups....

We are nearly finished with The Dragons of Blueland, the last book in the series!  I just found some lapbook stuff for these though, so maybe we'll do that & some coloring pages.  I found the second book at a thrift store for .25 and got the third one free through paperbackswap 
Oh, on a final note, we also love the cartoon series Jane & the Dragon & have 2 of the DVDs.  I don't know if it's still on TV since we don't have any channels (just do videos) but it's also really good for a very wide audience.

Highly recommended!


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