Another Park Day

We have so much fun at the park :0)  If I walk out my front door & stand in the street in front of my house, I can see it, so it's really close.  It has a simple fort/swing set which is fun, but we have the most fun doing other things....
Tweeters & Jam love pretending to be bunnies - they balance all along the woodpile near the campfire ring & have a little grass "nest" on one side they curl up in to sleep :0)  They will spend a good 15 minutes gathering grass to fluff up their little nest!

Even though we live really close to this area, I usually take a bag w/ a few things - elevensies for one!  This day it was orange watermelon from JG, yum. 
This time we brought 2 pieces of sidewalk chalk & made a long road with familiar places on it.  Like Hyvee!  Everyone from Radiator Springs shops at Hyvee ;0)

Yes, we have 3 Maters....

The road goes from the lake, then by our house, through the countryside to both Grandparent's houses (even the one in Florida) & then south to Mexico (why they wanted that I do not know?!) & northwest to Denver where our cousins live.  Many happy hours!