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First day at Countryside Playschool

Today was the first day at our new preschool, and it was SO much fun :0)  Honey Bunches & I are the teachers, and Tweeters is one of the students - along with 6 other children ages 2-8.  Here are a few pics from today:

More handmade dollhouses

Another nifty tutorial showed us an easy peasy portable dollhouse - so we just whipped one right up ;0)  First I sketched it out on heavy cardboard, then cut it out.  Tweeters & Jam played w/ the cardboard version all day, then that evening Tweeters traced it onto some thin underlayment (for flooring) that we found Grandpa J's house.  She & Jam stood on it for Papa J while he cut it out, then we all took turns sanding the cuts to make them smooth.  The little dremel tool was handy for this & a bit faster, but I still like old fashioned sand paper!  It slides together & you're ready to play - slide it apart & take it with you in a little baggie for church or quiet times.  Here is a link to the tutorial:

Gourd dollhouse

Dan Dan the Apple Man gave us a gourd last week - it's been sitting in a bin of other webby gourds for awhile now!  It caught my eye after seeing an awesome tutorial on how to turn them into houses.  So we tried it & it was super easy.  Jenga blocks work great for peg people beds, by the way ;0)
First we cut a door & windows (I just used a steak knife).  Then we scraped out all the old dried goo inside & saved the seeds to plant our own next year (the dogs ate the dried goo?  weird).  Then we cut windows, sanded them & the inside, painted the inside & voila!  A lovely little home.  Now I need to make another, because both Tweeters & Jam want it....see next post!  Here's the link to the tutorial I used:

Playdough & veggies

Help!  We're being overrun with produce!  That is a good thing though, just need a bit more freezer space.  I prefer things as raw as possible so I freeze green beans, apples, tomatoes - some to be cooked later, some used in smoothies as is.  SO!  I just dumped a 5 gallon bucket of beautiful green beans into the compost pile b/c it went bad before I could blanche them to freeze...I'm having a bit of guilt about it but I'll get over it. I couldn't give them away - apparently everyone's garden is doing well despite no rain since June.

We also made playdough about 2 weeks ago - I've been busy with apples & other stuff since Flash left for Oregon so haven't posted much lately.

We are busily preparing to open Countryside Playschool ( so many preparations are buzzing around that as well.  I would love to lazure the walls before opening day but I don't see that getting done!  Honey Bunches has offered to study up on the to…