Thank you, Patricia Polacco!  We love your books :0)  We made Thundercake when our now 17 year old was in kindy, and now we got to do it again w/ he & the 5 & 2 yo.  It was very unplanned, actually: we were out picking strawbs (as the 5 yo calls them) in the garden, when dark clouds started rolling over & we heard thunder.  Tweeters looks up from picking/eating & says, "Mama!  We should make Thundercake today!".  We had read the book before but not had the opportunity.  Well, no fresh tomatoes yet, but the ones in the freezer from last year worked just fine once we got them thawed out!  Here are a few picks...I guess all that's missing is the kick cow, peck hen & all the other farmy things we don't have yet.....

yes, true dorks!


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