Last week's art - Henna & foot painting!

HB has recently become interested in started w/ henna in her hair b/c it is of course, natural.  Now she is creating some awesome temporary tattoos!  She's been practicing on our house guests (who after a full month are heading home tomorrow!  Wow!) & I think she could even earn some money doing this.  It started when a missionary came to church to tell how she had learned the art of henna while in India, and used this to tell bible stories to Muslim women.  They would later tell their children & husbands the stories.  We have a small e-book of hers but she is also working on one that includes the stories to tell as you do the's a link if you want to learn more:

This is mine...I didn't want it too big.  It lasts about a week & this took an hour!

She's got this size down to around 4 hours I think - had both arms done last week!  I think she got tired around the elbow....

Not henna, but still lots of painting fun ;0)  They love this!  I think we'll try mouth painting sometime.