Introductions, a bit delayed

Youngest's Jam helping to peel carrots...he'll be 3 in July.  On the right is Papa J helping Jam build a pretty awesome tower.

And since I don't know what I'm doing & can't move pics around, here's me w/ some of the cousins!

Tweeters just turned 5 (she's the one on the left) - her snuggle companion is Wallace (our other dog's name is Bruce...get it, Wallace & Bruce??).  They are cute, but annoying.  So far they've eaten 10 blueberry bushes, 1 lilac, 1 rose of sharon, and one electric cord for the rock water fountain.
Flash - here he is working on weed eating a neighbor's yard - he is a hard worker and a sweet, loving young man of 17.  Veeery conservative, handsome, and not yet available.  Sorry, ladies.  Did I mention that he loves to cook?!  YUM!

Here's Honey Bunches, our oldest...yes, we have quite a gap between our youngers & olders!  At 19 she is officially graduating this year and may start up a Waldorfy kindy this fall.  She fell in love with the classroom we observed recently and thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the floor  playing with the wooden figures and silks ;0)


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