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A few birthday pressies

Some belated, others early, but we selected a few things online for the littles to purchase w/ their bday money.  Here are a few - not pictured are: The Reading Lesson, Snip It cutting book, The Rhetoric Companion, You are Your Child's First Teacher, & a 4-in-1 Betsy-Tacy book (Tweeters loves chapter books as well as picture books!).
Ben got rainbow blocks!  Very cool for looking at the world through rose-colored glasses

Very nice STURDY stockmar crayons...the book at Tweeter's elbow is for Flash - Show Me How to Survive (was on my wish list from Timberdoodle!)

Ha!  Even the 2 year old can't break 'em!!!

Nice wooden boat from Hearthsong, but the paint is cracking after just 3 times in the water :0(  Supposed to be real ship's paint but now I wonder...might send it back.


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