Monday, June 17, 2013

Graduation party for Honey Bunches!

Flash, JG SR, Papa J & JG JR all cooking together!

Wow!  A very sweet friend (ND) made these cakes for HB & JG!  Yes, that's pig latin (although we did study ecclesiastical latin ha ha) & the plane was made by very sweet friend's younger brother whose initials are also ND!  By the way, the plane is CRASH LANDING like HB's website go check it out!

Here they are getting 'roasted' by family & friends!  All in good fun ;0)

Thank you so much to MM & JH for letting us use your shop space for the party!!!  Awesome!!

Although HB was really finished w/ formal education last year, she decided to make it 'official' this spring so she could have a big party w/ her friend JG.  They have so many mutual friends, it just made sense!  It was really a blast, and we had a wonderful time :0)

How do homeschool families in your area celebrate graduation?

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