What a busy day! Homemade ice cream & cream cheese

Somehow we did so much today - where did we have time for it all??  And I don't even have any pictures of our 2 hours at the park!  While we were there we made chalk rock drawings, played tic tac toe w/ rocks, and retold the whole story of 'Madeline's Rescue' using rocks!  It was funny, but they loved it!  Here are the 'cooking' things....
Tweeters spooning homemade yogurt into a tea towel set in a strainer over a bowl to make cream cheese

My helper - in a dress made by her great-grandma for HB 14 years ago!!  Wow!

showing how the whey drips down into the bowl - should be done by this evening & then we can make more cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches tomorrow for lunch!  (well, if there are more cucumbers ripe in the garden...).

got 4 gallons of milk yesterday - one went to making yogurt, and there was enough cream to make ice cream!  We added strawberries & it was delish :0) Thank you Big Mama (my great-grandma) for the wonderful recipe - still bringing us joy & awesome ice cream!!