Papa J is a Father's Day Hero!

I need to try to get the pics off my phone, but they don't tell the story at all.  I was shaking too hard to try to figure out the video feature in time to get the shot of my dear, brave, strong, hubby catching babies out of the second story of a burning house yesterday!!
That's right: we were visiting a church in a nearby town & afterwards we were looking for an art fair.  On the way downtown Tweeters said, that house is on fire!  I pulled quickly into a nearby parking lot, my hubby jumped out, ran across the street & started banging on the door.  Another man came up & helped him knock down the door; but oops, flames started shooting out.  They heard a woman shouting from the upstairs window that there were children upstairs - they told her to throw them down!  My hubby caught the first one, still in diapers, and handed him to a woman who had run over from next door.  The other man caught the second, my hubby caught the third, and then he & another man caught the (rather large) woman!  I was out of the car but right next to it, across the street.  The little ones were locked in just in case I got distracted.  I couldn't help crying!  I think if I had been right there holding those little babies I wouldn't have cried til later, but as it was all I could do was watch.  When my hubby made sure they were all ok he came back across the street, shaking.  Firetrucks came up pretty quick & we waited awhile before we left....we came back later to show HB & Flash & one of the men who had helped Papa J said the woman had taken the babies & drove away in her car!  Yikes!  Maybe doing something she shouldn't have been doing?  They did catch her & got the babies to the hospital, and the news story was very pathetic - since the firement didn't get there til there was fire coming out of the second story window they jumped from they didn't actually see the family being saved.  They simply reported that everyone made it out ok!  Ah, well, I saw it, and 2 dozen neighbors & driver's by saw it....God saw it.....he's a hero!