Welcome Baby M & more sewing projects

She's a beaut!  HB drove an hour to the hospital to visit her & can't wait to get her hands on her again!  For a girl who wants to be a midwife it's a great thing she loves babies so much ;0)  PM was born 2 weeks ago....

The happy couple & their boys came out here to the beach to swim just 3 days before the baby was born!

The elephant we made 2 weeks ago was for Baby M...but another friend had a baby this past week so we had this little guy to make.  The corduroy is luxuriously soft & a bit stretchy (women's pants!), but darker than I had invisioned.  I really wasn't going for the 'black cat' look!  Anyway, he turned out so soft & cute I hardly want him to go!  SH will enjoy chewing on this kitty's ears & hearing the soft bells we put in his head & tummy....now one more to go for now....our neighbors had a baby Thursday!

Tweeters loves to sew, and chose this over legos w/ the boys!

I think a bow around the neck will finish him!