Summer play area set up

We moved the play kitchen back out to the playhouse by the garden - we thought it would get more use out there with us in the garden more, and now we are seeing more mud pies!  We've had it in the house since spring when we first started our Waldorf journey, so it was time anyway.  We also added in a science table of sorts, which we've had for years but never really did a lot with.
So now it is a dress up area!  Great find here on this commercial childcare dress up piece - $7 at the thrift store (and it's on wheels!!)!!  It also has a mirror on the end, see?  And the little wooden dolly cradle was $5 at another thrift store...I'm telling you, we have the best thrift stores!!  That pink dress on the left was made for Tweeters by HB about 2 years ago but it still fits ;0)

The handy shelf on the wall was a Goodwill find when we were in Florida, toted all the way back in the RV...glad we picked it up though.  I want to add a few more things but it is a space in progress as the season goes by.  When veggies start coming on in full force I plan to add the wooden velcro food for Jam to practice cutting & imitating what he'll be seeing us do!
How do you change your play areas as the seasons change or your children grow?  I'd love to hear from you!


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