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Week 8 at Countryside Playschool

Our outside table was taken apart & made into great jumping blocks! 
This week we had our lantern walk at prek - in the sunshine!  It was great to finally have a sunny Tuesday, but our lanterns sure didn't glow very brightly ;0)  Hopefully some of the children were able to use theirs at home for a night walk sometime this week...we also made waffles!  We read Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle, and then made our own yummy waffles in my great-grandmother's awesome waffle iron....

Tweeters loves cooking!

So does Jam - but he sure is a taster ;0)  Gotta watch him!

Honey Bunches is tying on the lanterns

There's ye olde waffle iron - and lots of reading & writing going on today


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