Another week at the orchard!

We love this place.  And last week was especially fun, because there were lots of children to play with!  It was time to pick the winesaps, so the grown ups picked while the little ones made fairy houses, climbed the trees, and had a beautiful day out in God's gorgeous creation :0)
Jam & little Z (new friend) adjusting the ladder

Flash waaay up high

Dan Dan the apple man was teaching Papa J how to use the tractor!  He was lovin' it...

Peek a boo Tweeters!  Love this picture

"Big Z" (new friend)

Big Z, little Z & Tweeters sat here for like 20 minutes & watched Jam dance & entertain them!

Grandma J & Grandpa J (middle & to the right), Papa J on the left

Grandpa J & Flash

See all the ladders in the background?  There were a lot of us there that day!

Two new little friends from Dancing Rabbit


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