Cross bows, lines, grinding cornmeal, lots of misc.!

We got Papa J a crossbow for his birthday last year - and he Flash are really enjoying using it with our big archery target! 

Old chess pieces lined up on our bed - this boy loves his lines

He can also go up & down the line naming everyone here....the great part is that he also enjoys cleanup (most of the time!)

Jam slicing his own bananas

We ran out of cornmeal for cornbread one day, so instead of running to town we got out the popcorn & hand grinder & made our own!  It was scrumptious - especially when we add a jar of creamy corn to the batter.

Fun barn shelf - cars & dinosaurs have occupied this all week

Notice the crossed fingers?!  A sweet friend gave Honey Bunches 2 wedding dresses to remake into something else - but we thought it would be fun to try them on!