GREAT FIND ALERT! Montessori fun...

This was at the thrift store last week - the entire kindy math curriculum from Macmillan!  This was around when I was teaching in the public schools back in the 90's...some old lady teacher probably found it in her basement when she was cleaning up a bit...or the schools found it & thought it was outdated so gave it away.  Whatever the reason, it's mine now!  Wheee!
10 boxes of yes, plastic stuff....but very home Montessori friendly

10 boxes: Geoboards, bear counters, count & sort (animals & people), attribute blocks, interlocking cubes, tangrams, links, pattern blocks, 2 color fish counters + the teacher guides & heavy activity sheets!  Wheeeee!

Right now they are being used every day...Tweeters & Jam both love the Discovery Toys pattern blocks & cards - but here are some new ones with new challenges
Great find.  Gotta check the thrift store about every time I'm in town :0)


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