This week at Playschool

We stomped grapes to make grape juice & made pizza for lunch!  See for more info - these are mostly pics of my children....
Watching the yeast bubble

Jam stirring up the dough

Honey bunches & Isaac - he's very lovey!

Tweeters showing us her peach pit/playdough hedgehog (yes, everyone is still playing hedgie after his visit a few weeks ago!)

picking the grapes off the stems

I of course took tons more pics but mostly my own sweeties are featured on this blog ;0)  Tweeters stomping grapes!

Jam's turn

Mama J's turn!

hammering out the pizza dough

sewing our own mittens!

HB helping Isaac & Silas get their mittens started

Mud Kitchen!  This cooler from the dump is perfect for storing everything in :0)

Jam had to wear the bee outfit outside...but I think he & Silas are hunting deer in this picture (I don't think Ezra is the deer though!)

All together!  We have 9 children right now, and I think we might be adding 4 more this week!  I set 14 as our max but I think 13 will be plenty :0)

I love our tablecloth and real plates - and so the children!

Tweeters wanted to celebrate her 1/2 birthday so we had 5 1/2 candles on a rice krispie treat....