Another garden walk & some outside fun

Time for fall planting, some harvesting, and firewood!

Flash & Jam playing in the pallet treehouse
some outdoor window art

Finally got the blackberry bushes trimmed up - wow was there a lot of dead stuff in there!  Now you can actually walk around to pick berries!
Sweet potatoes are so sweet :0)  We've now had a hard frost so the leaves have died, but I usually wait til they are crispy before we harvest...this is always Tweeters special project from start to finish.

 A few random reseeded fall lettuces

We've had lots of visiting birds to the dying sunflowers!  Out of the 20 or so towering over the garden this summer, most are already stripped of their seeds.  That lovely little apple tree in the center of the picture is getting bigger!
Some lovely hickory nuts for the mud kitchen & nature table

Flash learned how to use the chainsaw!  My big man!


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