Tweeters begins suzuki violin lessons & I learn to make truffles

I know that earlier is better when it comes to learning a foreign language - but I also believe this applies to music.  Both can be aquired at later ages, but it is so much more simple and natural to start early - and Suzuki is the way to go!  Tweeters started last Wednesday & has a 30 min. private lesson & a 30 minute group lesson.  My homework is to work with her every day at least 15 minutes on clapping rhythms, holding her bow correctly, and standing correctly.  Oh, and also to read "Nurtured by Love" by Dr. Suzuki!  Did you know he hung out w/ Einstein, who also played violin?
Rest position

Play position (great use for pizza disks!).  See her tiny box violin on the floor?  That's what she'll use til she's learned how to handle it.

proper bow hold (it's a large pencil w/ an eraser taped to it)

Her group class (yes, it was a dress up day - they went to different stations & did something musical to earn treats!)
My funny Waldork Flash makin' truffles!

Boss man makin' skeleton truffles



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