Woodworking 101: A homemade rainbow

Jam has wanted a wooden rainbow since he first saw one in Hearthsong catalog a year ago.  I'm not about to pay $30+ for a good one, so we finally just MADE one!  So easy peasy.  I just need to drive 30 minutes north to get a cheap chunk of beeswax to finish it...otherwise it's done :0)
We found a random board we had salvaged from the dump....I used a compass to measure out the lines but as you can see my hand was a bit unsteady w/ the handheld jigsaw.  The scroll saw now has a blade & is mounted on a cart for easy use - so the next one will be made with that!  Palm sander smoothed it up nice.

Jam was perfectly happy with it au naturelle, but I couldn't resist the urge to paint it

Pezzo the peddler & his monkeys walking across the "bridge" (the top of the wood left over...they wanted to keep it & they love it, too).  Yep, that's Uncle Vaughn's hat in the background!

Tweeters & Jam painted it

Jam changed his mind at the last minute about what color he wanted to use, so I got confused & now our rainbow colors are out of order...see if you can tell.  It bothers me but HB says no one will notice!  See the random pic on the newspaper??  I didn't even plan that!

Here's Jam stabbing Tweeters with his paintbrush, just in case you think they're always angels

Can you see where we messed up our colors?

Playing with it the next day, and the next...and the next....and hey!  That's MY old angel dress!!  If it still fit me I would still wear it :0)


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