Zoo & welcoming Flash back home from Oregon!

Flash had a big trip to Oregon & back - yes - he did make it back ;0)  He took a Greyhound bus up to St. Louis from Paduca,where our friends live (that he went with) so we wouldn't have to drive down there to pick him up.  The littles have never been to the zoo before, so it was a perfect opportunity...and Gma & Gpa L met us there!
The big reunion, right there in the middle of the zoo!  Gma & Gpa picked him up at the station since we were running late, and met us....it was SO good to see our big guy!!
Tweeters & Jam didn't want to let go of big bro

petting the sting rays w/ Gma L

bring back memories, HB??  No jumping on Gpa this time!

Jam loved the sea lion puppet

A new sea lion at the zoo! 

Here's another...

Ok, this was so very cool - a clear tunnel under water!

Gpa L is a seal whisperer....

remember zooboomafoo?  he lives here....

this posed for me - something right out of Narnia...

HB & her goats - Tweeters would take one, too

I really need a jellyfish tank.  These things are so relaxing to watch...

Boys will forever love to play in sand

The welcome home sign!
We had a great time & look forward to more St. Louis adventures w/ Gma & Gpa L soon!  And we are so blessed and happy to have our amazing boy back!