Making stuff...

Nice title, I know, but hey it fits!
Caps for Sale peg people - now for a tree so the monkeys can hide!  I think Gpa L gave us a hand saw of some sort so I plan to whip that out soon to make some big trees & maybe one of those stacking rainbows.  Oh right, and I'll need to make some caps!

Tweeters wanted to make ice skates for Jam.  Here she is using a REAL saw to even up some scrap wood :0)

And getting it set in the vise.  We will see if her idea works when the lake freezes over!

Yep, we have a lot of crap sitting around - the dump is an amazing place out here.  Most of it is waiting to become a tree house on our acreage this fall, but in the meantime it has a new life as a play ground!  This is a 4-way balance bean invented & mostly built by Tweeters & Jam.

The far right side of the balance beam triangle goes to this scrap wood pile with pallets for a mini tree house - they love to play out here & I love that it is homemade & didn't cost a dime :0)