More Montessori - it's been awhile!

I think it was August when I last posted some Montessori-type things.  Jam LOVES anything that is considered Montessori - so orderly and exact.
Our do-it-yourself version of the moveable alphabet...this is from a bingo game w/ a Barnyard Tales theme.  I like that they are all lower case letters, but I do need more pictures with simple consonant-vowel-consonant combinations.

color sorting, bead stringing & counting all in one

sound jars to match - Jam's favorite is the corn meal I think b/c he really has to listen for it

This is supposed to be the number staircase & then they line up the numbers 0-10 from a wooden puzzle under the staircase...but Tweeters discovered that all these combinations make 9 & got really excited about it!

She's been doing this since she was really little, but still loves it ;0)

Ok, had to do a structured art project....these are like lollipop trees for Dan Dan the Apple Man (leaf & apple dots painted with Q-tips)


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