Ohio visitors - archery, henna & a feast!

HB was glad to have her bow out again
SS (oldest boy Ohio friend), Flash & cousin MJ doing some archery

Papa S bought a ton of yummy gourmet cheese - Tweeters all too happy to help him slice it up & taste it!

Mama S snuggled with MS (youngest Ohio girl) - she had lots of late late nights - they visited our Kentucky friends before us & she was worn out from playing with their 6 girls!

Even SS had a little siesta ;0)

Everyone loves Rumplestiltskin & Bob

AS & Bob were fast friends

Trying not to look too posed....

The whole bunch together!  Can't wait to see them all again - and we hope to meet their oldest daughter soon, too!  Great family & great friends :0)

HB pulled out her bow - SS (oldest boy of Ohio friends) brought his as well

AS (youngest Ohio friend) loved the cats AND the light sabers!

Oh yeah - they filled up ballons w/ paint & were shooting arrows at them to make art on a big sheet of canvas!

Flash honed his knife throwing skills

filling the ballons with paint

MS (youngest girl friend from Ohio) got a feather for her henna

SS & cousin MJ getting goofy while waiting for their henna

all done - so cool!

SS & Jam boxing


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