A Waldork Jedi Knight, "make me in wool - you will", my new baby brother, & midwifery

'Adopted' son "Charlie" had a dress up day at his school....and needed some sewing help....Honey Bunches to the rescue!  Working long into the night, they made him - a Knight!
Jedi Master Charlie

Ha!  I just noticed that HB has a yoda shirt on!  Check out the henna on HB & Tweeters, too.  And did I mention that little Tweeters can ride that bike like a pro??!  Getting so big!

On a related note, I've started on a wool Yoda for Flash...no, not done yet...but here's a pic I'm using to make him: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Me-in-Wool-You-Will/

Yep, my baby brother.  He looks just like me :0)  I still haven't met him!!

Ok, so not a lot about midwifery here, but HB has started studying in preparation for midwifery training.  More to come in New Zealand this winter & possibly Michigan next summer?  I think she was inspired when her two youngest siblings were born at home w/ a midwife :0)


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