First day at Countryside Playschool

Today was the first day at our new preschool, and it was SO much fun :0)  Honey Bunches & I are the teachers, and Tweeters is one of the students - along with 6 other children ages 2-8.  Here are a few pics from today:
Snack: organic oat groats cooked overnight in the crockpot with homemade yogurt, honey & blueberries!

Washing our dishes

Awesome bright chalk!

A bit of playdough

"Little Blue & Little Yellow" hugging to make green

We also talked about primary colors, so had to add in some red

HB helping Tweeters & a friend hang some new shelves in the housekeeping area

Wet felting acorns!

Gluing them in (yes they were still damp but I think it will be ok)

Service with a smile!

Today was bring your lunch day - next week we will make & serve lunch all together!  The main attraction will be homemade applesauce - yum

So, the church is planning to fix up or replace the playground equipment.  It is really fine, except for a few safety things ;0)  But get this - and you Waldorf readers know this already - these children played in the dirt til it was time to go home!  Give them a toy & they play with the box....give them dirt and sticks and acorns in the fall....and watch their imaginations!  Wow!

HB & Ezra made an acorn racetrack!  When some of the others saw them having such a great time, they ran over so they could join in the race, too!

Good ol' dirt

HB reliving her childhood ;0)
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