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Countryside Week 2

We added 2 more children this week (siblings!) & made some yummy applesauce from organic golden delicious apples we picked the day before :0)  HB & I are having a ton of fun & have so many more fun things planned!
Lots of outdoor time!

some tea?

Using REAL knives to cut up apples for our homemade applesauce...everyone went home w/ all their fingers, don't worry ;0)

Great helpers!

It was Jam's first day - he did pretty well & was SO tired afterwards

A bit of sensory tub fun...but this is waaaay too small!  Will need to do something bigger before we bring this back!

So funny - a big table right behind them, empty, and they all want to use the shelf for writing?

Here we are, getting ready for lunch

I think we need to add another leaf to the table!  It is delightfully full :0)

Our cooked apples, ready to be pulverized into applesauce
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