Dan Dan the Appleman!

Dan Dan the Apple Man has an awesome organic apple orchard & we LOVE to pick apples there every year!  We pick on trade - right now it is pick 5 get the 6th one you pick.  Tweeters & Jam love to climb the trees, eat all the apples they can hold, and now & then they pick up drops to save (but really they just eat them) ;0)

Way up high in the apple tree, two little apples smiled at me....I shook that tree as hard as I could!  Down came the apples...mmmm were they good!

As the season winds down we are looking forward to picking up our apple cider & making more applesauce.  Such warm fuzzies :0)  We've been out there to pick about every week for the last 5 weeks...the golden delicious are done by now, but winesap is coming up so plan to go out at least once more!  We are usually there about 3 1/2 hours & have a picnic....2 weeks ago we picked 31 bushels; last week Papa J & Flash went by themselves all day w/ Gpa J & all day & picked 52!!!
Our homeschool group came to the orchard about 3 weeks ago - and it was cold!

Papa J's been doing this for 5 years now so Dan turned over some of the how-to's to him :0)

Some of our favorite people were there!

Jam munching his first of many many apples that day

Our lovely ergo still hard at work for another mama....

HB works for Dan in his organic garden, so she was sorting tomatoes

Yep, you really can easily climb up this high!

Smile for the yearbook!

The tractor is always a favorite

Here's HB picking lots & lots of okra - what a lovely garden :0)