Feast of Tabernacles campout

Our bible study group gathered recently to observe the Feast of Tabernacles...no, we're not Jewish or even Mesianic, although we do try to observe or at the very least learn more about the feasts Christ also observed.  This year Bro. R bought a Tabernacle kit to assemble, which was really very cool!  His daughters even taught us a traditional dance - can't wait to try that again soon :0)
A 'traditional' tabernacle foreground, with our modern ones behind!  Some camped overnight for a real experience...even though we DO have a nice nearby building with bathrooms & kitchen.

some horseshoes

Ok, yeah there was some airsoft war going on, too with the other Mr. A & Mr. D

and henna telling biblical stories for Sister J

and a baldy head henna of YHWH

I am frightened!  No really, Mr. T a big teddy bear ;0)

Yeah, Mr. A wanted a platypus henna.  Very unprofessional!!

Oh, right, and we learned about the lulov & the etrog....
HB doing a bible story in henna on one of our bible study friends, Mrs. T

the path toward sin on the wrist, the swirl w/ spikes are the whips for the crucifiction, then forgiveness of sins.  The sunburst on the palm is resurection. Flowers on finger & wrist represent life.  2 weeks ago she & her pastor's wife traveled about 2 hours away to a church to tell them about Mrs. D's friend who does this in mostly Muslim or Hindu countries as a missionary.  Hopefully they will be able to present to our homeschool group soon!

Sister A had the most complicated one!  It's the story of creation - bottom is creatures of the sea (see the fish?), then animals of the earth above that, Adam & Eve are the 2 leaf shapes w/ hearts in the middle.  The flower represents life, and the vines represent the plants of the earth, and stars on the fingers are the heavens.  Henna comes out black like mud, then when it dries & you flake it off it looks a bit orange.  By the next day it is usually dark brown, but everyone's skin is a bit different!

We came back to our house after camping to watch "Ishpizin", and Flash & Mr. A had to show their manliness.....I must say, Flash won!
If you would like to learn more about the biblical holy days, see http://heartofwisdom.com/biblicalholidays/


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